Business Branding Guide for Entrepreneurs

Branding is all about the image of a business. The concept doesn’t only include style, emblems and logos but also the image of quality perceived. The image perceived may be of total quality, reliability, and more. Branding is about the business and how a business is different from the competitors. The purpose of a brand is to distinguish […]

Humility in the Workplace

According to “The Times of India” published in 2014, blowing your own trumpet at workplace may no longer get you an extra point on your performance sheet, so just turn down the volume a bit. A flashy and braggadocio behaviour, which may have helped boost an individual’s career, is unlikely to win many friends in […]

The Basics of Blogging for Beginners

A blog is sometimes called web log or weblog.   At first, they were used as a personal place, for collecting links, sharing commentary – but now; they are a valid and VALUED form of communication for business people of all types.  From the basics of blogging, to the intermediate areas – such as social bookmarking, […]

Working from Home: The Pros and Cons

If you run a business from home, it is important to recognize that it is going to mean living a completely different lifestyle from the majority of people you know. Not having to commute in the morning, not spending all-day sitting in an office and being able to generally create your own working hours puts […]