Knowing Your Blog Readers

One of the most important activities anyone creating a blog can do is to take a look at what you’re doing from the readers’ point of view.  Most readers do not care about how you optimize your blog to get the most out of your PPC advertisements.  They don’t care about how you get the information you publish and make available to the search engines.  All they care about is the information they want – and they hope that your blog can provide them the much needed information.

An average blog reader or site visitor will stay on your blog and read your post for a few moments.  They could then click on your PPC advertising; they could sign up for your publication, and they could learn much about your content. However, if your site doesn’t meet the expectation of the reader or visitor in terms of content, they will either click away, or go back to the search engine to begin the search all over again.

Blogging is not only about eyeballs on your web page, it’s about eyeballs on your web page, and reviews in your inbox.  Readers have to have a reason to go back to your site another time. This is why blogging is so tantalizing.  When your blog is rich in unique and useful contents, it will attract a lot of readers. So, from a reader’s point of view, your blog should satisfy your niche market and give your readers qualitative and quantitative contents that will either hit a questionable chord with them or provide them with something to touch upon.

Studies have suggested that about one quarter of all internet users read blogs – and that is clearly a great deal of eyeballs.  Another study suggests that two blogs are created every minute.  Two blogs in one minute is 120 blogs an hour – and practically 3000 blogs every day.  Take that to its logical conclusions and that is a lot of blogs competing for a less rapidly increasing source of traffic. What is more?  Blogs are competing for a particular niche of viewers. Once you’ve posted on your blog the very best information in your niche, you can be certain that you will attract the right varieties of traffic, and even more increased traffic by referencing you on other sites – bookmarking you, and even more.

Blogging is all about the audience – the readers and site visitors.  It is not about how well you position yourself, or how firmly you optimize your site. Though you can bookmark yourself and generate a good amount of traffic doing this, the best blogs have faithful viewers that bookmark and discuss the website independently of any type of intervention from the blog owner.

Who are your readers?  Thinking about what your readers want to read lets you work out who your readers are, which you will need later to advertise your blog effectively. So who are your readers?  Do they have any specific interest, within your niche?

When you understand who your readers are, you can plan the creation of any blog that will be charming to any visitors you attract.  If you have planned on whom you are targeting, you will find it far easier to write contents that will continue to satisfy your readers, whilst giving you room to evolve and plan more contents as you grow.


Anthony Author

Anthony Ekanem is a graduate of Management. He is an Author, E-zine Contributor, Blogger, Information Marketer and Website Content Developer. Writing is his passion and he spends a great deal of time researching and writing. His published books, which are available in print, electronic and audio formats, can be bought online on Amazon, iBooks, Google Play, Barnes and Noble, Scribd, Audible, iTunes, and other major online bookstores worldwide.

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