E-zine Publishing for Beginners

E-zine Publishing for Beginners

29/06/2018 2 By Anthony Ekanem

E-zine is an online magazine. Much like in real life, it is simply a magazine that is delivered in a digital form. Most of the E-zines today are targeted towards Internet distribution and is meant to promote a website. Normally, an E-zine usually caters to a particular niche or topic. It could be anything from ‘How to make money online’ to ‘How to train your pet’.  E-zines are distributed to their subscribers normally through e-mail. Normally people send E-zines to be published on a consistent, pre-planned basis. For example, an e-mail will be sent out every day, every three days, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

These E-zines are distributed using an autoresponder. An autoresponder is programmed for every subscriber to receive the e-mails in a chronological format in a sequential order. This is the biggest difference between an E-zine and its offline counterpart.  An E-zine can send previous issues anytime regardless of when the subscriber has opted in to the E-zine. The autoresponder will do its job of follow-up from the day the subscriber has opted in and will follow through until its ‘run’ is exhausted.

Today, the majority of E-zines are website driven. It would be a surprising fact to know that the first E-zines were delivered on an electronic format such as CD-ROM and delivered to the subscriber’s house by mail. That was in the ‘stone age’ when the power of e-mails and autoresponders were not realized yet. But now, the majority of the formats stick with e-mails or they send out notifications (or updates) in conjunction with websites or blogs.  The e-mail usually contains the issue itself or a summarized format that ultimately links back to the original website for the main cheese.

There are two kinds of models related to E-zines – the free model and the paid model.  Many general interest E-zine publishers offer free access to all aspects of their online content while other publishers have opted to require a subscription fee to access premium articles or audio and video content (depending on the niche). This does not mean that those free E-zines are not out there to make a profit. You can make a lot of money when you collect enough subscribers and you can sell them other online products. But the most important aspect of all is to collect targeted leads and compile them into your list.

There are other various sources of online profits that can be squeezed from E-zines such as promoting affiliate programs, building a relationship with your customers and gaining their trust. Because you can’t talk face to face with a subscriber and neither can you have a cup of tea or a beer with them to build a relationship, therefore E-zines usually reflect the publisher’s offline personality in some way or another through the publication. With millions and millions of websites and E-zines screaming for the attention of the reader, it is very crucial to structure your E-zine with good content. You don’t want your e-mails to wind up in their trash box so you have to be vigilant.

Why Publish an E-zine?

E-zines are one of the most popular Internet marketing methods available on the Internet. It is highly profitable and millions and millions of dollars in advertising space are sold on E-zines each year. According to online research done by the IAB and PWC, the year 2006 saw a huge rise in online advertising spending. They saw a record-breaking high of up to $16.8 billion, and that is only counting the U.S. alone.

Furthermore, there are an increasing number of merchants moving their businesses online from their offline versions. Apparently, the competition offline requires them to have a paradigm shift and to move their businesses to a different medium. More and more of them are conquering different niche markets every day.  So where does that leave us?  It is no secret that there are thousands of individuals out there making millions of Dollars sitting around their computers in their casual clothes. They don’t have to go through the rush hour traffic or fighting their way up buses and trains.

You can start a business at home and create a list of customers without meeting even a single one of them. In fact, you can build your relationship with them without even talking to a single one of them on MSN or Skype. Your autoresponder will do the job for you once your marketing system is in place. And of course, who can forget the juicy profits? Once you have your loyal subscribers/readers eyeballs glued to your websites, it would be the best time for you to sell them your products or your services. The list of online profits is endless. By promoting affiliate programs, you don’t have to set up a single website if you wish not to. You don’t even need to get a merchant account. Affiliate marketing is one of the biggest industries online. All you need to do is scout around for a profitable affiliate program before you start promoting to your list.

If your subscribers are patient enough to read your newsletter after 5 issues, you can be sure they are interested in the affiliate programs you have to offer. Do you have a blog? You can earn thousands of Dollars every month in your pyjamas when you bring enough traffic and subscribers and what better way to convert them as one of your loyal readers through a well-crafted E-zine. Blogs are the in-thing online.  As a matter of fact, an Internet marketer without a blog would be viewed in the same light as an Internet marketer without an e-mail address. So E-zines combined with blogs will provide the magic formula of a loyal reader base.  You can even build a name for yourself as an online merchant. People rarely spend their money buying something from someone without credibility. Therefore, if you want to gain credibility in the eyes of your customers, get them to subscribe to your E-zine! Building the relationship with them is the key.

Your online profit funnels are endless. There are more than enough reasons why you should start to publish an E-zine. In fact, the right question should be ‘How should I start my E-zine NOW?’

How Profitable is E-zine Publishing?

Before we dive in on how much profits you can make, think about how much profits you can SAVE by starting your own E-zine. Firstly, the only investment you will need is a domain name, web hosting, and an autoresponder account. Depending on your selection, your total cost will be somewhere between $30 and $100 a month. Can you say, “DIRT CHEAP?” I’m not kidding. You get your own shop (your website), your own unique house address (domain name), and your very own customer relationship manager (your autoresponder) all online working for you 24 hours a day 7, days a week.

Offline business owners drool when they are given such a figure (cost) and value! Sending an e-mail is literally free. You don’t need to worry about postage costs, licking envelopes and paying the mailman to deliver your ‘letters’. This is direct marketing heaven! You are literally saving thousands of Dollars if you were to compare the cost of starting a conventional business. Now let us talk about profits. How much can one make from E-zine publishing?  Well, the answer is, as much as you want it to be and as little as you want it to be!  There is no technical figure that one can assign as to how profitable an E-zine can be. But there is one thing for sure; the income potential of an E-zine is UNLIMITED. Imagine having a subscriber list of hundreds of thousands of people. If you were to sell half of that very list a product worth a measly $20, you could make more than A MILLION DOLLARS by sending one e-mail.

I’m not kidding. There are many top-tier Internet marketers that have done it already and are making a consistent 6 figure income monthly while others have successfully launched 7 figure launches every few months. This is not insane – in fact more and more people are jumping on the band wagon every day. Many individuals also claim to make about $10,000 per month through online marketing (using E-zines and other Internet marketing techniques). However, we must bear in mind that this figure is meant for those who have put in the hard work and research and it is not something that can be done out of thin air – especially for those who are first starting out.  Regardless, E-zine marketing is a relatively low-cost way to start out your Internet business. The only failures in this industry are those who quit. I don’t guarantee that you might see money coming in during the first three to six months. Some even take a year to break even or worse – make their first buck.

However, this shouldn’t discourage you because the profitability and low risk of E-zine marketing is something worth investing your time and money in.  The only thing you will lose is your time. Time spent in learning a new skill and building relationships with people online.  Make sure you persevere and work hard without expecting to be spoon fed like a baby. The world would be your oyster!

E-zine is inexpensive to distribute

How much does it cost to send an e-mail? Literally nothing! Compared to direct mailing, you are saving hundreds even thousands of Dollars mailing free samples to people’s houses. Unlike e-mail marketing (although both are closely related), you need to sit down and assign each e-mail manually, (not to every single subscriber, that would be suicidal! But to use your autoresponder each time you want to send out a unique mail), an E-zine is something you plan way ahead of time. Your sequential autoresponder sends out e-mails even when you are not sitting in front of the computer in a pre-set sequence. That is one of the main differences between e-mail marketing and E-zine marketing. The power of leveraging is even stronger when it comes to E-zine publishing, you don’t have to send the e-mail manually when a new subscriber opts in to your mailing list.

E-zine Publishing: The Cons

Just like any businesses out there, a newsletter or an E-zine is not immune to weaknesses. There are many benefits but many disadvantages as well. One of the biggest problems with writing an E-zine is actually sitting down and writing it! If you are not familiar with writing, you might take twice as long to put one together because of the research, writing time and grammar mistakes and typos you have to deal with.  It gets worse. If you don’t have a clue to what you want to write about (or if you are not familiar with the niche and the jargon), you might even spend more than triple the time to create your own E-zine.

The worst thing that can possibly happen is if you were to publish an E-zine with bad grammar, you will lose credibility in the eyes of your subscribers. They will think you are a weird person because your bad English will give them funny impressions on you.  And not to mention the fact that one day you might run out of ideas as well. Then, what will you do next? DON’T WORRY! I am not trying to scare you away. In fact I’m preparing you for the dangers you might face so that you will have a very clear idea of what you will be dealing with and once you have overcome them, mastering E-zines will be easy!  One of the ways of taking care of this problem is to write your E-zine way in advance. If you can’t write well, don’t worry – you can outsource to ghost-writers and pay a one-time fee.

The best thing is, you get to take credit for the work these ghost-writers produce for you (even if you can’t speak proper English at all).  You can always search for new content on the Internet. Don’t worry about plagiarism. There is this saying that if you get your content from one source, you are plagiarizing. But, if you collect from MANY sources, you are doing RESEARCH! At the worst case, all you need to do is either quote the source, or re-word everything and you will have your E-zine ready. At the end of the day, the only real problem you will have is to overcome the learning curve. But in reality, there is no challenge that the human mind cannot overcome. Just take your time to sit down and study your subject matter and create your marketing system. It is only one-off and your hard work will pay off.

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