Look Young, Live Longer

Look Young, Live Longer

10/07/2018 0 By Anthony Ekanem

It is the desire of everyone to look young, healthy and live younger. What’s the purpose of staying young? You may ask.  Well, there are a lot of positive aspects of staying and looking young in a person’s life.  Staying young is something that is in demand now.  Being young describes a state of mind, body and heart.  It is important to a lot of people to stay and look young. Some people know that aging can present some effects that they don’t want others to see.  It can also slow them down from functioning, which is something a lot of people don’t want.

The aging process is not always a pretty sight.  It causes changes that affect you internally as well as externally.  The two places that they are noticeable are the hair and the skin.  You can also feel a difference in your tissues and cells, but you won’t see them.  However, you may feel them inside your body.  When you age, it affects each cell in your body. The presence of fat comes about on your tissues and other organs inside your body.  Because of this, your organs slowly start losing cells and your body doesn’t function like it used to.  Your bones, muscles and skin begin to get stiff. The cell membranes lose their ability to retain oxygen and start releasing carbon dioxide.  Since there are so many cells in your body, you probably won’t recognize that your body is constantly losing cells and therefore your body’s ability to function is weakened.

When cells disappear, your organs start acting differently.  With some people, they can start aging as early as 40 or 50 years old.  When you age, your blood circulation is affected.  There’s the possibility of losing your memory slowly.  You could suffer from other health problems. Did you know that some of the medications you take may actually contribute to aging prematurely?  Some of the medications on the market today are so strong that they may possibly play a role in that. Exhibiting the rigors of stress can play a part in aging.  The strain that you exert on your mind and your body can actually speed up the process.  You’re missing out on the chance to feel free.  Instead, you’re allowing your body to take in all of the cares and pressures that you cannot possibly solve by yourself.

If you are exposed to toxins in the environment, they may affect your body in an adverse way.  Genetics can also influence the way and how fast people age.  If you start smoking, drinking or using illegal drugs when you’re young, it will definitely show as you get older.  These habits contribute to poor nutrition because you don’t think about eating healthy.  You’re thinking about puffing that next nicotine stick, hitting that next bottle or finding that next sniff or smoke on the pipe.

As your liver and kidneys flush out the toxins in your system, some of the medicines you take for certain ailments may remain in your system.  As you age, your liver and kidneys may not function like they used to.  Any leftover medicines in your system can contribute to your aging prematurely. If your liver starts to slow down, your cholesterol levels may be affected.  The liver is responsible for the maintenance of cholesterol levels. If your cholesterol level is high, you could be prone to more ailments within your body. For these reasons, it is imperative that you would want to stay young and not look like a prune.  Doing the right things that will keep you healthy and vibrant can help to hinder the aging process.  You can be older chronologically, but you don’t have to be old physically.

To Look Young Is About Attitude and Mindset

Your attitude is a state of mind and the way we perceive things.  It is what sets us apart from others as far as anything in life is concerned.  It represents your likes and dislikes.  Attitudes can be defined as positive, negative or neutral perceptions of certain things or ideas.  Attitudes can be formed as different forms of judgments that may be true or untrue. As people grow up seeing things around them, they can form attitudes based on what they see.  What they see can affect their perception of a certain person, thing or idea.  Attitudes are part of a person’s personality and the well-being of a person.  Attitude is responsible for projecting a personality, be it positive or negative.  Your personality can be a factor in determining a mental state of being and contributing to the aging process.

Your attitude can also be defined as a form of an egotistical state of mind, regardless of whether it’s about acceptance, expression of control or other traits that are considered to be selfish in nature. If you are continuously angry and feel a hatred towards others, that can be described as having a negative attitude.  These forms can affect how you think and act towards others.  When you start having negative thoughts, you open yourself up to premature aging and possible health issues.  It’s very important that you steer clear of having a constant, negative mindset. Of course, this transformation takes time.  After all, you didn’t form these negative thoughts overnight.  You have to work at making an honest effort to change your attitude and your outlook about things.

If there were things that bothered you in the past, you have to release them and move forward.  Being bitter will not help you; it will only accelerate the aging process and could also affect your health, physically and mentally. It’s easier and healthier to look at the bright side of life.  Doing this will refresh your mind and your body.  Don’t let things that are out of your control get you down.  A lot of times, it may be out of your control.  Don’t be mean to people because they are mean to you.  Being nice will help to maintain a positive attitude, no matter what the situation is.

 Refrain From Negative Thoughts so You Can Look Young

When you think negative, it can affect your mind and your spirit.  Everyone in their lifetime has either said or thought something that did not line up with anything positive in their life.  It seems as though people spend more time in pessimism than they do in optimism.  Some people tend to make negative thinking a part of their daily lives.  There are obstacles that seem to block us from what we want to do.  Instead of pushing those obstacles out of the way, some people find it easier to complain.  They don’t realize that it won’t help the situation.  They will still be stuck in the same place with no movement. You will continue to be stuck in the same place if you are a constant complainer.  Every time you complain, you take away a moment of happiness and fulfillment that you could have.  Plus, other people don’t care to be around chronic complainers.

Think about what you are saying when you do that.  You could be using your time doing things that will uplift you and keep you active.  Before you know it, you’ll be so involved in what you’re doing that you won’t even think about complaining anymore. When you think negatively, you want everyone else to think the same way.  People that think negatively often have embedded bitterness because of things that happened to them in the past. They never got over the situation; it may have been from being passed over for a promotion; a boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse leaving them; or feeling rejected from a parent when they were little.

Any of those scenarios can stir up feelings of bitterness.  Or they can be jealous of someone else that is doing better than they in things like losing weight, making more money or just being happy.  They can’t stand to see the other person happy and they continue to ingrain bitterness inside of their soul.   Bitterness can take a toll on a person’s health and make them look old rather than look young.  It can cause them to have wrinkles and create health issues, such as high blood pressure or cancer.  If you need help releasing these bitter tendencies, it’s best to seek counsel from a family member, therapist or minister.  Otherwise you will look old before your time.  According to a study by webmd.com, Looking Young May Help You Live Longer.  So, take advantage of this article and look young, stay young and live longer.