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04/11/2017 0

How to Keep Your Child Safe Online

By Anthony Ekanem

As children get older, they will want to know more. With the internet, this is easier than parents think. All it takes is a few keystrokes and they have come to the website of their choice. Being online exposes children to a new way of exploring things. Even though a child may land on a child-friendly website, some of them do have chat rooms. Who says they would not try to access one of them? If they get lonely, they can look for new friends online. These are people they have never met before. Down the road, they start to feel comfortable talking to them.

25/07/2017 1

Defeat Divorce and Save Your Marriage

By Anthony Ekanem

Understanding that there are important physiological differences (and hormonal ones) that drive the behavior of men and women is an important step in understanding that our partner’s failure to meet our expectations are often unintentional. Once we can accept that, we can view the actions of our partners from another perspective.

25/07/2017 0

Defeat Divorce and Save Your Marriage – Part 2

By Anthony Ekanem

Very few people may be totally happy with their lives today. Surely, most lives today are shrouded by problems such as distrust among the partners, disagreements over slight issues, suspicions, ill-will and even hatred. Relationships are continually souring all around us, and most times, we feel that nothing can be done about it. We resign ourselves by saying that it was meant to be that way.

23/10/2016 0

How to Satisfy a Woman in Bed

By Anthony Ekanem

You may have read this from somewhere: 75% of women do not reach orgasm during sexual intercourse. The good news is that as a guy you can improve on this situation to be in the 25% that make her sexually addicted to you. This requires you to understand the 4 stages of orgasm.