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10/11/2017 0

Body Detoxification: What You Need to Know

By Anthony Ekanem

If you are feeling lethargic or are struggling with other problems such as acne, chronic pain, heartburn and other digestive issues, it may be time to try a body detox. Even if you’re simply overweight and/or addicted to eating the wrong types of food, a detox can go a long way to helping you get on the right track.

08/11/2017 0

Healthy Living Tips

By Anthony Ekanem

Living healthy may seem a difficult task for some people. But in reality, living healthy can be very simple to achieve. You can become a healthy, happy and very successful person by making a few simple changes to your lifestyle.

The secret to achieving good health and happiness lies in your ability to balance your body and your mind. It is only when you are balanced physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually can you truly be healthy. It is when we are healthy that we can be happy and can therefore achieve success more easily in life

07/11/2017 0

Dealing with Stress

By Anthony Ekanem

Stress is generally regarded as the normal physical response of the body to pressure and threat. Stress triggers a surge of a hormone called adrenaline that temporarily affects the nervous system. Stress affect individuals in their personal, academic and professional lives. It does not matter what causes you stress, you must be determined to press on with your life irrespective of the limitations imposed by stress.

02/11/2017 0

Understanding Adult Dyslexia

By Anthony Ekanem

Dyslexia has been described as a difficulty in processing information which may be linked to deficiencies in short-term memory and visual coordination. It is an inherent weakness in short-term memory that is either auditory or visual, which can make it extremely difficult for that person to learn and understand the relation between symbols and spoken sounds. This difficulty allows the person to be unable to correctly speak the correct flow of auditory sounds needed to make a word or sentence sound proper.

16/10/2016 0

Erectile Dysfunction: Causes and Remedies

By Anthony Ekanem

Erectile dysfunction is a type of medical concern for men as they aren’t able to get or maintain an erection. They may mentally want to be able to engage in sexual activities but their body is not responding. In order for a man to be able to obtain and maintain an erection there has to be an increase of blood flow to the penis. There are many different reasons why this won’t be possible.

16/10/2016 2

Prostate Cancer – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Options

By Anthony Ekanem

Prostate Cancer is the cancer of the prostate gland. The prostate gland is part of the male reproductive system. Unusual and uncontrollable growth of cells within the prostate gland cause prostate cancer. In some cases, prostate cancer can spread very slowly from the prostate to other body parts.

13/03/2015 0

Cure Infertility and Get Pregnant

By Anthony Ekanem

Millions of women worldwide are having fertility problems. A woman might feel or have a hunch that she could be infertile when she has not gotten pregnant after six months to one year of unprotected sex. Even a miscarriage can be an indicator of infertility. A miscarriage is a failed pregnancy experienced by women whose growing fetus was not able to complete its nine-month development stages in the womb and eventually dies. If a woman had an episode of a miscarriage, she is a likely suspect of infertility.