Tools and Tactics for Network Marketing

Tools and Tactics for Network Marketing

13/08/2018 0 By Anthony Ekanem

It is true that anyone can do anything they want. If you’ve ever tried anything in your life you’ll agree things are a lot easier when you have a plan to follow and the proper resources available. Well, Network Marketing is hard but even more rewarding. As long as you’ve got everything in order you’ll be good to go. Here is what you need to succeed. 

Perfect Products Build Perfect Up lines

One critical component of successful network marketing involves joining both the right company and the right up line. If the product you are attempting to sell is inferior, noncompetitive, or over-saturated, you will have a considerably tougher time than you would with a highly competitive product in a relatively untouched market. But finding the right product poses a challenge. If the product is not your own, you will have to find a business that has a network sales structure. Otherwise, you will only be able to sell the product as an affiliate for commissions, rather than recruiting other people to do that for you.

Currently, there are a number of health oriented companies that have such network sales structures. Specifically, vitamins and health testing products often have network structures. Additionally, many as seen on TV products have network structures. Many of these products also have large enough markets, so that selling shouldn’t be an issue.

Now, once you have selected a solid company with a good product, your next step is to actually select the best up line. In some cases, there will be a specific benefit to having someone under you in a given up line. For instance, some networking structures put all new members under older members, so all those who join after a certain period of time, earn a percentage of commissions off of those who join later. If this is the case with your selected product, by choosing a good up line, you are also choosing to position yourself well to earn from all of the people you’re up line recruits. So keep these two things in mind when selecting a new opportunity find both the best business and the best up line for what you want to sell. Combining the two will significantly increase your leverage when building your new marketing network.

Selling Product the Right Way

At this point, you’ve selected a product and an up line. You know what you are selling and who can help you, but you may be unsure of the best way in which to approach the sales or recruitment process. Step one is to “know thy target audience.” If you don’t know who you’re selling to and understand what motivates them and drives them (and, coincidentally, why buying your product would be a good idea), then you’re barking up the wrong tree.

Now, in this specific instance, since you are network marketing, your goal is to know two different audiences the first is the group of people who might buy the product you are offering the second is the group who might join your network. You can get a rough idea of who falls into the first group by looking at the product you’re selling what is it? And who would want to use it? If it’s a vitamin, for instance, who might you target and why should they be interested? Could it help improve their memory? Will it prevent them from getting sick? Or could it help them gain muscle mass?

Now, when you’re targeting potential members of your network, you’ll essentially be doing the same thing. You’re marketing the value of your product to marketers, too. They have to understand why the product and the opportunity are better than the other thousands of opportunities floating around on the Internet. If you understand the mind set of both of these target groups, you should then be able to market to them effectively. Just keep this important principle in mind. Whatever you’re marketing, you should market it as a solution to a specific problem that group of people encounters. If you can describe who such a person might be in your head, you will also understand what that person might want and subsequently how best to target him or her.

A Numbers Game

Unfortunately, to some extent, network marketing is a numbers game. In order to increase your commissions, you constantly have to set benchmarks for network growth. But as a network marketer, you know that most of those you attempt to recruit won’t do it and most of those who do it won’t succeed. This means that you have to find dozens of people, present the opportunity to them, and then train those who join to succeed. The best way to get started is to literally write 100 names down. These will be your first 100 attempts to gain members of your network.

Now, you can draw these names from a number of different places if you want, you could write down names of friends and family members you could write down names of people you talk to on a regular basis or you could purchase leads from a company and specific certain parameters that you want. Whatever you do, start by writing down 100 names. It seems symbolic and unnecessary, but you have to set benchmarks in order to ensure that you keep a high standard for your level of growth otherwise, you might think you are working hard, but in reality, you are doing considerably less than is possible.

As mentioned earlier, there are a number of different places you can find these names however, there are also different types of leads you can find. For instance, if you purchase them from a lead generation company. In that case you can differentiate between leads you can contact over the phone and leads you can contact through email or mail. Depending on what your opportunity happens to be, these differences could be quite significant. So start by writing down 100 names. If there is some specific “better way” to do this, then do that also. But what is more important is that you actually get 100 names down on a piece of paper. 

Perfecting Phone Calls and Presentations

Being a successful Network Marketer not only means being able to sell well and build a big network.  A major part of your success is going actually one of the easiest “things” to perfect. Your phone call and your presentation. Many people will immediately resist any type of offer especially the offer to join a marketing network, which is often perceived to be a scam. Unless you’re quick on your feet, chances are you will be unable to respond to many issues that leads raise about your program or about your offer. Instead, figure out what these are in advance and record more of them as you go along. Now, in addition to this, you will want a general format to follow. You can start by introducing yourself and the product.

You can then move on to a problem solution model, whereby you pull a problem out of them something they have experienced recently   and then propose a solution using your product, whether you’re presenting the product itself or the networking opportunity. Practicing these two parts:  the presentation itself and the answers to potential problems and questions are hands down the most important parts of network marketing. If you flounder around on the phone or if you make your presentation in a completely unprofessional way, your target audience is almost guaranteed to reject you as being an amateur. 

Remember:  You’re not only selling the product you’re also selling your image. If your target audience suspects that you have had no success with the program yourself and it is evident in your lack of confidence how can you then expect them to pick up the program, too? The answer is that you can’t. So practice your phone call routine, your answers to questions, and your presentation until you have them all memorized.

The First Call

You’ve now prepared a comprehensive presentation for your product. And should anyone challenge you about the program or ask a detailed question, you’re ready to respond to it in depth and accurately. So what’s next? Making your first call is next. If you’ve never been involved in network marketing in the past, this is probably an extremely anxious, nerve wracking time for you. You actually have to call your first person and present to them everything you have learned about your product and about the network.

Don’t let this discourage you. Additionally, don’t let the outcome discourage you, either. There’s a good chance you will be flatly rejected by your first lead. And there’s an even bigger chance that the lead will lose interest at some later point in the conversation, regardless of how well your call goes. But this is all part of the numbers game. In order to succeed in network marketing, you must be rejected many times more. So make that first call and be confident about your position, your product, and your opportunity.

At worst, you’ll end up crossing a name off of a list of 100 and moving to the second name. In fact, if they reject you earlier, that might be better than later it’ll save you some time. Now, with that being said, it is still important to carefully react to various problems the person you’re calling presents. Just because the person on the other end of the phone is raising issues does not mean he or she will not accept the opportunity it just means that he or she must be given sufficient evidence. And it is your job to do this through the call. Whatever you do, keep in mind that the outcome of the first call is not necessarily reflective of how successful you will ultimately be. Whatever happens, continue to plow through that list of 100 names undaunted. 

Recruiting Like the Pros

The only difference between you and the “big guys” is what you are doing. In the past, network marketing was something done completely offline. If network marketers advertised at all, they would do it with flyers or with classified ads in newspapers. Unlike marketers today, they had no opportunity to reach massive amounts of people at a very low price. Today, you can reach network leads through dozens of different outlets many of them Internet based.

Additionally, there are companies that now specialize in extracting highly targeted leads for this exact purpose. One quick way in which you can recruit network leads is to setup a “squeeze page,” which captures names and email addresses and then send traffic to it. Once leads sign up through the squeeze page to join your mailing list, you can then send them a training course, which teaches them the various ways in which they can make money with a network marketing program.

You can then make subtle attempts to get them to join your own network in several of the emails. Another way in which you can recruit network leads to fill your down line is to send out mailings through e-zine advertisements. This is one of the fastest ways in which you can immediately reach tens of thousands of people with very little effort. You can use forums to recruit members for your down line. You can make useful posts on Internet marketing forums frequently and then use a signature file that gives a brief overview of your network marketing opportunity.

Another way in which you can build a down line is to use free advertisements. If you have a low budget, you could accumulate credits on a traffic exchange or banner exchange program and then use that to get your advertisement placed on various exchange sites. This is a relatively effective and easy way to increase the amount of people who join your mailing list through your squeeze page.