Podcasting Expained

Podcasting Expained

04/09/2018 0 By Anthony Ekanem

Podcasting has become a common term these days, though it is only a small number of people how its function. The meaning of podcast is still unknown to a large number of people. The word, podcast, has been coined by juxtaposing broadcast and iPod. These specially designed broadcasts were initially formed exclusively for the iPod. However, later they were made accessible for people who did not own an iPod because of the increasing fame of the podcasts. Thus, an iPod is not essential anymore to know about a podcast – you can hear it on your computer or on your music player.

Podcasting is a method by which media files such as audio or video are advertised and circulated over the internet. Podcasting as well as advertising are gradually turning into successful methods of commodity promotion for the various corporations. Podcasting costs less and is also a proficient way to attract attention. The media files can be in mp3 format and the videos can be movies, music videos or even promotional videos that advertise some products for the corporations. The podcast extends through either the RSS feed or an atom syndication on the Internet.

People can download the podcasts and then use their music players or their computers or iPod to play them. The podcasts will upload on the internet in a short while after they are made public much like the T.V. soaps. People all over the world can exchange their ideas and opinions in the form of audio files via this brilliant system. Also, people who have registered to a particular podcast can hear the opinions and then send in their reviews via emails in the sites for podcast discussions. Thus, podcasts facilitate a two-way communication.

The podcasts can also be just heard on the internet and it’s not compulsory to save the file into your hard disk. This saves both time and bandwidth of the person who is interested in listening to the podcast.

Podcasting for Online Business

When you are offering a product or service to prospective clients, the client should be acquainted with what you are offering as well as its traits or characteristics. If minute details are given, the client’s decision can be faster. This is why advertising is indispensable for generating sales and subsequent gains from sales.

The period for which an advertisement can be sustained on a visual medium like the television is greatly restricted because of the expenses. The process of remembering can also not be relied on because of the limited duration of the commercials. Podcasting for online business is a blessing for advertisers, internet marketers and webmasters.

Extended functions for podcasting for online businesses can be applications like employee training, information dissemination, or even product demonstration. Since podcasts can carry audio and picture files, they are remarkable aids for all business purposes and not just marketing.

Podcasting for online businesses is relatively cheaper and most businesses can create in-house podcasts. The only tools needed are a personal computer and some software, most of which can be downloaded free of cost. Novel ideas and gadgets for podcasting are discovered almost daily and the internet helpful in keeping us updated about these upgrades.

Therefore, if you’re planning to develop your own podcast from the beginning, the first effort you should make is to browse the internet to get the latest features that have been added to this wonderful technology. Once you are done with podcasting for online business, be ready for the shower of orders that will start coming in.

Podcasting Tools

You need several tools to create a successful podcast. What is special to podcasting is that it is essentially a tool-managed process. For example, you need a computer to start with. Then obviously you need some recording device like a microphone. There are variants of recording tools in the Apple iPod or even the Griffin iTalk microphone. Thus, a computer and some recording device are essential for you to carry on with podcasting.

Other than these tools, mp3 recording and editing programs aid you in editing what you have recorded. Along with these there is software that help you correct errors made in the course of recording. After having managed the composition and framing of podcasts, you can resort to some hosting facilities to center your distribution. There might be several avenues through which distribution can proceed and the most usual ones could be your blog or website or even through iTunes or RSS feed. But to root all of this, you must have a host.

If you want to provide your audience with the option of listening to podcasts on some website, you could use a streaming jukebox podcast player, thus allowing your audience to receive the feed in an mp3 format rather than switching to time-consuming downloads. Thus direct access to the podcasts is available on your website itself with this tool.

The one tool that has revolutionized podcasting is iTunes. It is not necessary to have an iPod to use iTunes. Through iTunes, both the distribution of podcasts all over the world and the reception from a wide variety of sources become a possibility. Try and find out opinions about your podcasts from close friends who will tell you frankly what they feel about them.

Must Have Podcasting Tools

In today’s evolving technical market, a new tool is created nearly each day. Podcasting happens to be one of them. If you’re not already acquainted with them, then wait for a while, in a few days they will hold you in awe. People have certain private favorites regarding podcast tools. There is no one tool that is the best. Only the creators of the tools can make such claims.

People with varying likes want varying kinds of tools. If the tools function as people want them to, they are perfect. In that case, people are not concerned about considering other tools. The following are the tools you must have as a business podcaster. One version will suffice.

  1. Audio Editor

The software arrests tones and converts them into digital pieces in the hard drive. Very sensitive refined acoustic software lets you revise sounds, intensify sounds, remove superfluous parts and unite melodies and other sounds into recording. A no-cost and multipurpose acoustic editor is Audacity.

  1. Flash Audio Player

Each podcast chapter must have a flash audio player. Then users may test the chapter that they want. It is vital as some guests are not registered users. Maybe they found the website by online searches or through some kind of advertisement. When they cannot test the podcast content, they may not want to invest their time to download the whole chapter to simply get introduced. Flash audio players are admired since around ninety percent of web browsers keep a test, and guests could see the podcast on the page itself. An example of a popular Flash audio player site is 1pixelout.net.

  1. Stats Package

Metrics are essential for any trade. Free stats package like Google Analytics lets you check the way people relate with your site. With proper tracking, you will get a fair idea about the source and nature of your traffic which is absolutely essential for bringing in further development to your business.

  1. RSS Reader

It can be Google Reader or Bloglines or FeedDemon, podcasters are data tools, which take in a huge amount of data. Once you figure out their proper use, you cannot do without them. RSS or newsreader is a great tool for finding product titles. Then you will need to figure out the details of news and the blogosphere.

Promoting Your Podcasts

Once you have recorded a podcast and created a highly quality production, the next step is to promote it and take it to the people. The most recommended way of doing this is to join a podcast directory where your recording will be listed. But given the number of directories out there on the Internet, the important question is which ones are the best? Where should you list for the most effective promotion?

iTunes, which is the media player for the iPod, is undoubtedly the best and most important place to get listed. It is a very popular service amongst computer users and will ensure your podcast is available to the greatest possible number of listeners. Other podcasters suggest many other sites which are effective places to list your podcast. But each has their own set of suggestions, so which should you pick? Our suggestion would be to list on all of the sites, because the more, the better.

Podcast directories send referrals to your podcast. So, while most of your traffic will still come from the major search engines like Google, listing on a directory cannot possibly do you any harm. Moreover, you will get hits from referrals on podcast directories on a regular basis, irrespective of how minuscule the numbers might be.

Podcasting directories also provide your site with high quality inbound links. This is very important because it helps determine the relevance of your site for certain keywords. It is best to put in the primary keywords of your podcast in the title itself because that is how directories will list podcasts. Now, links from these directories will help increase the popularity of your podcast.

Having your podcast listed on a premium site like iTunes helps build brand value for your podcast and is likely to catch the attention of anyone you mention it to. The more people you reach out to, the more likely it is that your podcasts will gain popularity through sheer word of mouth.

Try and make yourself as visible as possible by listing on multiple podcast directory listings. While directories may not be getting podcasts too many hits just yet, it is best to beat the competition to it in the race to the future. Get listed on a directory with heavy traffic. The best options today are Alexa and PageRank. So what are you waiting for? Start promoting your podcasts now!