Website Traffic Generation Secrets

Website Traffic Generation Secrets

03/09/2018 0 By Anthony Ekanem

Website traffic is something that every website needs; every webmaster wants more of it. We are all looking for that one secret traffic trick that will turn our website around. There are tons of websites on internet. Competition is fierce to entice the visitors. But the real thing is that among the heap of webpages out there, only a countable percentage of these webpages are actually able to get a steady readership.  Also, only these same webpages actually bring advertisers. In order to fight the battle, you first need to develop and execute a website advertising strategy. There is no quick fix; website owners must be patient, dynamic and consistent in their pursuit to drive traffic to their website. There are several ways to do so as discussed below.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the technique of promoting a website in order to improve its rankings so that a site receives maximum number of visitors organically from search engines. Search Engine Ranking is essential to generate traffic because users generally clicked on the search results that are listed on the first page. Clearly there’s a big advantage for any website owner, if they can rank their website high in the search engine results.

Google and other search engines rank websites according to relevance, value and user experience. If you can improve your website for these three aspects, you can stay at the top for long time. Each search engine has its own distinctive ranking criteria and uses their ingenious algorithm which weighs each criterion accordingly.

Keywords Fundamentals

This is the most important factor in the organic search engine optimization. The fact is webmasters have to select the precise keywords for their business, products/services and their target market. Website owners must keep in mind that they need to identify with their target audience and then build their search engine optimization strategy around that audience.

Basically, keywords are the requisites and phrases that the target audience uses when searching for the particular products and services that the owner of the website is offering. Then according to the ranking of the website on the major search engines and directories, it will be shown on that page. The owner of the site must choose keyword phrases that will bring constant targeted traffic consisting of potential customers. It becomes important to research and validate the keywords for the search queries.

Content Marketing

Believe it or not, the best way to get more traffic is to write more contents. Well, it has been said that over 50% of search engine queries are unique. This means no one has typed in these phrases before and probably nobody will. What does this mean to you? It’s simple: More Content = More Traffic. The goal here is to write a lot of articles, each focusing on keywords that get 50 to 100 exact searches per month. Inside the content will be words that will relate to target keywords. Ultimately, it’s these phrases that searchers will use to find your website.

You should add at least two articles per week. Focus on the 3+ keyword phrases you discovered during the research phase. After a while, your traffic will build up because you’ll have a lot of targeted contents. Each article will add a little more traffic to your overall statistics.

Email Marketing

Reaching your audience via email can be the most personalized and effective way to succeed in your marketing campaign. We all should admit that email is one of the addicted elements of our daily lives. Checking emails is the first thing we do in the morning so that we can be as efficient as possible as soon as we start our work. The blend of awesome email headline and relevant content has huge impact on the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign.

When sending emails, give the recipient true information and you will notice that the click-through rate of your email marketing campaign will sky-rocket. You can keep sending emails until and after getting response. The first response may take over 6 months to get but be patient. Address their problems with high quality relevant contents and try to provide the list of people or previous clients to make them comfortable with you.

There are lots of email marketing software, and some of them are really effective.  For instance, Mail Chimp is the common email software many businesses utilize these days but make sure to balance the automation with personalization.

Social Media Marketing

Invest your valuable time and resources on developing social media campaigns because it is a platform where you can get engaged with real people and talk to them. You can surround yourself with qualified prospects and thus generate enormous traffic towards your site. By utilizing that information, you can solidify brand messaging and improve the conversions drastically. You need to decide on the social networks that you want to go with. Let’s have a look at the top social media networks you can choose for your marketing campaigns.

  • Facebook: Undoubtedly, it is vibrant, crammed with features and tools to deliver a strong business message to larger audience. You can generate high level of engagement; utilize fan pages, paid ads and even viral effect on your posts if executed just perfectly. It is ideal for all kinds of businesses.
  • Twitter: This micro-blogging channel has an amazing ability to distribute information quickly. The use of hash tags in Twitter has opened new avenues for businesses to reach their potential prospects. It is an ultimate platform to develop a strong and impactful branding.
  •  Pinterest: It can be an awesome referral traffic generator and offers visual appeal to the posts. It can be bit challenging for those businesses with minimum images but ideal for those who would like to focus on audience that love to see content via images or infographics.
  •  LinkedIn: It is the biggest professional network that is especially designed for businesses to develop new connections and relationships with individuals and other businesses. Employee recruitment, interest based groups and various paid marketing solutions are key strengths of LinkedIn.

In order to succeed, it is essential to build a super strong social media presence so that your business can get visibility that it needs. Choose optimal networks to get started and you will witness a good social media engagement. Get connected with people if you want them to follow you. It is also crucial that you talk with them consistently. Understanding their demographic, preferences, browsing and interest patterns can work wonders for you.

Build Your Own Community

Online community can add value to your content marketing and distribution efforts. Chances are that small amount of your followers can convert but needs a powerful plan for distribution. That is why increasing your fans and followers can be of utmost advantage when it comes to generating traffic and sales. Increasing fans and followers does not mean to buy them instead make sure to get them organically. Only organic followers can engage and reply to your posts consistently. Referral traffic can bring up to 40% of your overall website traffic.

Traffic through Backlinks

In layman’s terms, backlinks are the quality and quantity of links that point to your website. So a link from is way better than 100 from sites like The biggest drawback to a niche site is that it depends too much on the search engines. Yes, Google can generate a lot of traffic. But it also ignore to see this traffic when they decide to do an algorithm change.

Moreover, there is a lot of misinformation about back-linking. Many people recommend techniques like article spinning, forum profiles, link wheels, link pyramids, and social bookmarking. Once upon a time, these worked. But Google has cracked down on any site that uses these techniques. So bottom line is you need backlinks. Just make sure you are focusing on quality over quantity.

Building Backlinks

Every backlink is different. Google places a strong emphasis on links from large, authority style sites. So it only makes sense to focus on these web properties. The best way to build a backlink is to create a unique piece of content, post it on a website, and then include a link back to your site. The trick here is to mix up the anchor text. These are the visible, clickable words in the hyperlink. You don’t want all the text to be the same. Instead you should include different phrases to make it more organic looking.

More Ways to Generate Website Traffic

1. Generating Traffic with e-zines

An e-zine is an electronic publication or newsletter circulated over the Internet. To receive an e-zine, readers must sign up for them. Mainly e-zines are circulated via e-mail. But they are also posted on the Web sites or in blogs and via e-mail the readers are notified when new editions are available.

The availability of e-zines is common over the internet. One has to write the e-zines as the keyword on Google or yahoo. Other method is to search for e-zines of relevance using the Directory of e-zines ( The directory gives an access to various unique e-zines. By paying to e-zines for the content that is related to your website, you can market your website. Also you can submit your own unique articles in order to get them published.

3. Generating Website Traffic with Google Adwords

Today, Google AdWords is the largest pay-per-click (PPC) network, and undoubtedly one of the effective ways to generate targeted traffic to your website. Google AdWords delivers instantaneous results – owner of the site can have their campaign up and running within a short time.  Meanwhile, when compared to its competitors, they take more than two days. With the use of AdWords, one can specifically target their prospects geographically down to countries, provinces, state, cities, and towns. This gives an upper hand when one wants to sell or provide service locally.