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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Boost Your Health and Fitness

A lot of us run through the day with so many responsibilities that we don't even have time to take care of ourselves. We spend most of our time coping with deadlines at work, caring for the children, replying to clients, etc.  It's time to do a few things to reward yourself and get your health in order for optimal performance.

Many of us understand that eight hours of sleep per night is best. But what a lot of individuals don't know is that the real time you drift off is crucial too.  For example, sleeping from 1.00 am to 9.00 am isn't believed to be as revitalizing as sleeping from 10.00 pm to 6.00 am. Why? Because endocrine secretion, body temperature, digestion, and additional crucial revitalizing processes abide by a 24-hour cycle linked to raw light exposure. The later in the evening we doze off and the later in the morning we awaken, the more out-of-sync our rhythm becomes. If you've ever gone to sleep at 3.00 am and awakened the next morning at 11.00 am, you might have noticed that you feel fatigued and not fully "on ".

Human growth hormone is one such revitalizing hormone. 80 % of growth hormone, which is required for lean muscle, optimal immune function, and firm skin, is released during sleep between the hours of 11.00 pm and 1.00 am.  Attempt to go to bed prior to 10 pm. It might be difficult to get used to getting to bed early on, particularly if you work late or if night is your only downtime and you care to watch late-night TV. But you'll be paid back with expanded vitality.

Make sure there are enough alkaline-forming foods in your diet - Foods that are alkaline-forming include figs, molasses, dates, celery, cantaloupe, greens, almonds, beets, and parsley. Likewise take1 teaspoonful of greens powder every morning combined with juice or a smoothie to also bring up energy.

Extra sugar causes variations in blood glucose, which may result in plummeting vitality levels.  Attempt to diminish all forms of refined sugar. Look out for low-fat foods - many have types of sugar, like high-fructose corn syrup, added to make the food taste better.

While coffee at first raises stress hormones and gives a charge of energy, taking in several cups or more of coffee daily may promote burnout. Attempt to gradually cut down to one cup a day. If you like the flavour of coffee, you might want to try a Coffee Substitute.  Among the most usual reasons for low energy is not drinking adequate water. Drink more of it. Make a daily ritual where you claim twenty to thirty minutes for yourself just unwinding and doing zip (no watching television or browsing the net). Choose a book, listen to music, meditate, have a cupful of tea, or attempt a new yoga posture.  

Individuals who are under habitual stress need more B vitamins. A stress formula multivitamin pill often has more B-complex vitamins than standard multis. B-50 B supplements are likewise available as a supplement to a stock multivitamin. The B-2 in a B complex may turn urine a brilliant yellow color... so don't be alarmed.

Pay Attention To Your Soul
Mindfulness is attentiveness to the here and now and not thinking of what somebody said to you this morning, babbling on the phone while responding to an email, or fretting about the time to come.  

Be Mindful
One time a day from now on, I wish you to put earnest effort into being fully in the here and now. Give your exclusive attention to what you're doing. If you've a luncheon date, savour being with that individual, instead of thinking of that customer meeting you had in the morning or stressing about the great deal of work sitting on your desk. Even the most workaday tasks, like fixing dinner, may come alive. Notice the aromas, flavours, textures.

A description of mindfulness:
  • Being yourself.
  • Not labeling yourself, over-analyzing what you're going to talk about, or getting caught up in your ideas.
  • Living with and valuing what each instant offers.
  • Letting things be the way they are, without becoming caught up in prospects, hopes, wants, and experiences.
  • Being patient with yourself and others. Not being impatient or uneasy about particular things, pleasant and obnoxious, to happen.
  • Believing in yourself and your feelings.

What are you intrigued with? What inspires you, propels you, moves you? For instance, you might dream of having a life coach to keep you on course with your goals.  If you can't afford it, go to the bookshop.

There are enough helpful books to help you evaluate where you are now, where you prefer to be, and learn from individuals who have done it. Determine if this scenario is familiar - you would love to go for lunch but you've too much to do, so you snap up a sandwich to go and bring it back to your desk. Inside minutes, your sandwich is spent, you're still hunched forward at the computer, and you are able to barely recall how it tasted.

Alternatively, begin each meal with a break - take a rich breath and give thanks for the food your about to consume. Or, say a prayer, whatever has significance for you. Purchase a beautiful plate, placemat, mug, or container to utilize.

Monthly, treat yourself to a relaxation rub down. If it's out of your budget, think about going to a massage school student clinic in your region. Treatments by massage therapists-in-training are frequently one quarter of the regular cost.

Forgiving yourself and other people may be freeing.  Many individuals carry past pains inside them and are not able to let them go. Begin by forgiving yourself - if something you state or do causes misunderstanding or might be taken as hurtful, don't let it sit and don't bash yourself over it.

Eat Right
We are a cultivation of extreme points and our diets are no exclusion. A lot of individuals are either "on" a fit eating programme, doing everything correctly and going to the gymnasium faithfully, or they're surviving on coffee and fast food. But there is middle.  

Breakfast has been demonstrated to prevent overindulging later in the day. It likewise gives a boost of vitality the morning. If you're squeezed for time in the morning, a breakfast protein smoothie is advised. They're quick - once you master it, it takes less than 5 minutes from beginning to end - and they're solid and ultra- healthy. Pour your smoothie into a traveling cup and take it with you to work!

Greens powder - Have 1 teaspoonful of greens powder per day. Greens powder is a centralized blend of vegetable powders, antioxidants, and other plant fiber. It shouldn't be used to altogether replace veggies, but it may help a time-strapped person.

Purchase fresh or frozen vegetables - It's not fresh or zip. Frozen veggies still hold most of their nutrients and are a quick alternative for individuals who have problems keeping their fridge stocked with fresh vegetables. Seek frozen spinach, sweet peppers, asparagus, peas, mixed veggies, and green beans.

There is a crucial difference between North American and European eating habits. In North America, there's an abundance of refined snacks, junk food, and light substitutes, encouraging us to seek low-calorie and low-carbohydrate foods that we may gorge on.  There's a lot to be said for discovering the true thing and enjoying it in moderation. If there's an alternative between a high-quality chocolate or 2 convenience store chocolate bars, pick the high-quality choice and savor it!

Place natural health food stores in your region - Look in your community, the yellow pages, and on the net. Local vegetarian organizations are good resources - you are able to frequently find out about local farmer's markets, green groceries stands, food cooperatives, health food stores, cooking classes, and grocers in your region.

Acquire some cooking references - When measuring cookbooks, have a look at the ease of preparation. About cookbooks have good recipes but the drawn-out ingredient lists and elaborated preparation techniques are too hard to do on a busy schedule.

Get Your Body Working Better
Do you inhale your meals?  Are you so busy that even chewing appears like a luxury? Mediocre digestion is frequently at the root of a lot of chronic ailments, like low energy, painfulness, inflammation, arthritis, and allergic reactions.

Insufficient water consumption is a chief cause of irregularity. Irregularity then causes an imbalance in bacteria, boosts inflammation of the intestinal lining, and may even lead to the soaking up of larger molecules, a condition called intestinal permeability.  So make sure to get enough water.

Getting Your Diet In Order
Diets are all around us today, and we need them. Our routine meals aren’t doing for our bodies what they should.  We aren’t getting the nourishment from the foods that we consume most of the time, and the busy lifestyles that we lead aren’t helping matters in any way.

Our foods have become more synthetic—the environment itself has become synthetic—and our lifestyles have gone too far away from the order of nature to be called as healthy.  We are too consumed with our materialistic responsibilities to realize our body’s physical demands any more.

So, looking for a diet is a good idea.  But, if you have already started looking for diets, you might have understood that the whole activity is not as easy as you think. You are not going to find a single diet that is perfect in all respects that you can use for yourself without any further ado. That is not going to happen. At the same time, you will see that there are hundreds of different diets out there. There are the very expensive ones and there are the very cheap ones.

There are some diets that will treat you to gourmet delicacies even when you are dieting and there are others that believe in the old system of making the body starve. One diet will keep away one particular nutrient, while another will keep away another nutrient, while a third diet will not have any restrictions whatsoever.

Confused already? If you are, it is not your fault at all. With the hundreds of diets out there, all of them with amazing promotional strategies and most of them with some great user reviews as well, it is understandable that you might it difficult to find a diet that meets with your requirements. In short, when you are looking for a diet, you need to check out the following things.

1. When a particular diet excites you, the first thing you should see is the concept behind the diet. Why does the diet work? What principle is it based on? What nutrients will it provide, and what will it restrict, if at all? These are the things that you have to look for. Your choice of diet should always depend on the theory behind its working.

2. Your next step will be to get as much information as you can about the diet. Visit the website first and see what they are telling. If you have any questions, you should contact them and find out more. Most of the reputed diets out there also give out eBooks that describe the diet in detail. You could order these eBooks, and actually you should do that because that gives you a perfect idea of what the diet is about.

3. Read the reviews on the diet. See how it has affected people who have used it already. Make sure to read a lot of reviews and read them on reputed websites so that you are certain you are not reading glowing reviews that have been planted by the company itself.

4. See if there are any drawbacks about the diet. Is there any reason why your body won’t adjust with the diet well? Are there any special things to keep in mind? If you are skeptical about anything, make it a point to ask someone reputable.

5. What kind of support does the company provide? You should not be left in the lurch once the diet has started.  This is very important. When dieting, you have to work closely with the people who have designed the diet, especially when it is something like Jenny Craig’s program which delivers healthy meals to your doorstep for a fixed number of days.

6. Even if you feel everything is perfect, do not start out the diet without first seeking counsel from your doctor. Tell them about the diet and ask them whether it is safe for you to go ahead with it.

These are the basic points you should remember when planning a diet. Make sure you have covered all of them before going ahead.

Carbohydrates have often been singled out as the single largest cause of various physiological problems. These nutrients, though they are the primary sources of energy for the body, are also responsible for adding to the sugar content in the blood.

Most carbohydrates get readily converted into sugars and stay in the body till they are used. If the person does not exercise well, then these sugars can remain in the blood and cause other problems, weight gain being the least significant of them. That is the reason there has been a theory that by reducing carbohydrates in the daily diet, a person can live healthier. The very popular—and also very controversial—Atkins Diet is based on that.

Low carbohydrate diets (or no carbohydrate diets) are weight loss options that restrict the amount of carbohydrates ingested by a dieter, while increasing the amounts of proteins and fats eaten. Different diet options allow the consumption of different amounts of carbohydrates on a daily basis.

What Is the Basic Philosophy behind the Diet?
The principle behind the low carbohydrate diet is that carbohydrates result in an increase in blood sugar level as they are metabolized by the body.  This results in a reciprocal rise in insulin levels. Insulin controls the blood sugar levels but also causes fat deposition. Low carbohydrate ingestion results in less insulin production by the pancreas and therefore less fat deposits in the fat storing cells.

By restricting the “bad” carbohydrates in the diet such as white refined rice, bread, pastas and potatoes as well as sweet desserts, those who support this diet suggest weight loss will occur.  Many supporters also encourage eating of “good” carbohydrates by eating foods such as fruit and vegetables as the major supplier of daily carbohydrate requirements.

Using Hormones and Supplements
The HCG diet is a controversial approach to weight loss. The hormone HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, after which the diet is named) is injected or ingested at a very low dose, combined with at times a very low calorie intake. People who have battled to lose weight for many years have reported this diet successful for them. It was designed in the 1950s and has been modified and re-released.

Diet supplements are found a dime a dozen nowadays. Basically, these supplements are enhancements for our regular diet; they aim to provide us with what our normal food does not provide. As such, they are claimed to be packed with nutritional goodness which takes care of our overall health.

Important Info
The HCG diet is a controversial approach to weight loss. The hormone HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, after which the diet is named) is injected or ingested at a very low dose, combined with at times a very low calorie intake. People who have battled to lose weight for many years have reported this diet successful for them. It was designed in the 1950s and has been modified and re-released.

The diet incorporates four phases and each phase is different in its content. The four phases include injection, some diet change, major calorie restrictions, normal diet with some food restrictions, and normal diet based on organic foods.

People following the diet reportedly lose between 1 and 3 pounds of weight each week and fat loss is reportedly more obvious in those places where fat deposits are more commonly seen. Even though controversial, it has its supporters who feel it offers a solution to those who have attempted other ways to lose weight without success. Nutrition experts feel the weight loss is most likely a result of the very low calorie intake rather than any benefit from the injections.  Weight loss tends to be rapid and consistent when on the program, making it a popular choice for those who are results driven. The very low calorie intake leaves people feeling initially lethargic and with little energy, but after the program is completed, the focus on healthy eating and the associated life style changes and weight loss produces are energized feeling in most participants.

There are many oral supplements on the market today that reportedly will assist you lose weight. The supplements are available as a natural product through health food stores and medication forms through pharmacies over the counter and through prescription from a doctor.  Those who have used them for weight loss either love them or say they have not worked for them.

Using supplements is somewhat controversial, but each of them have a different appeal and a support base and for those seeking to lose weight, they are an option. Supplements are in general excluded from US regulations under the Dietary Supplement and Health Education Act (1994).

Supplements typically are taken every day according to the directions on the packaging. There is little or no reeducation of diet, exercise, or life style changes offered as part of the program. The participant simply relies on the supplements to either suppress their appetite or increase their energy levels.  Some of the supplements encourage the use of shakes or other dietary supplements as meal replacements to assist calorie intake reduction and the anticipated increase in energy levels reportedly leads to increased physical activity resulting in increased calorie burn.

The person taking the supplements remains on them for the duration of the prescription if it is provided under medical supervision. Those bought over the counter are not controlled and the individual can theoretically continue to take the supplements indefinitely.

Success reports are mixed but those who have lost weight on these supplements are convinced they do work. There are online sites that rate the success of different supplements and provide information on the more popular supplements giving them a star rating for performance and results. These sites are essential reading for anyone considering using the supplements as the number of fraud supplements continue to increase through online shops.

It is also recommended to seek professional medical or naturopathic advice before commencing any weight loss program using any of these supplements, particularly if you are using other medications.  Some of the ingredients, even the natural ingredients can affect any chronic illness or interact with prescribed medications.

Life just seems to get busier and busier and though we have great intentions to work out, are you like me at times find yourself going to bed at the end of yet another day and feeling a sense of guilt that the workout you have been promising yourself all week still hasn’t happened?

Working Out
If you are like many people, then it happens more times than you probably want to think about. Workouts and taking time for ourselves often come at the end of a very long list of priorities. It is not that we do not want to do them; it is just trying to fit them in. So what can we do to ensure that we are able to complete everything on that list including a workout?

Give yourself permission to take care of yourself and take time out to workout. This is often the greatest hurdle to overcome. It gets much easier after this. Buy a scheduler and map out your day. Choose one with a week to a page view so you can easily see any gaps of time in your week. Remember to include everything, including your commitments and responsibilities at home, your lunch breaks and meal times at home and your free time. Schedule in time for exercise if you have any obvious free time. Remember to think of time before and after work and even during the day at work. Lunchtimes can be excellent opportunities to work out. Do not underestimate mini workouts. Even ten minutes can be used to effectively work out. Finding time to work out is made easier if you think in terms of 10 minute periods rather than looking for long periods of time to schedule. Weekends may provide longer sessions but still program them as multiple 10 minute sessions.

The good news is that workouts do not need to mean expensive gyms. There are many work out ideas that can fit your home or office routine and do not require attending a gym or other sporting venue.

Create fun workout routines that include your children or family members. If your young children are in a childcare facility during the day, a brisk walk with them in a pusher will provide an excellent interval training cardio and resistance workout.

Buy some portable equipment like resistance bands and hand weights to keep in your desk at work or in the kitchen and use them when you have a few spare minutes waiting for a meeting to begin or food to cook on the stove.

Have you been wondering when the best time to work out is? Is the morning or evening the best time to burn fat, lose weight and look great? Work out when it suits your schedule. You are more likely to stick to your workout program if it fits into your daily program. You will lose weight and burn fat if you prioritize your exercise time and remain consistent with it. Focus on using the best techniques to produce results rather than the timing of it. Armed with knowledge about best work outs, you will gain your desired outcomes if you stick to them and finding times that suit your schedules will help you do this.

No matter how long you have been regularly exercising, there usually comes a time in most people’s lives where they begin to get bored with the exercises they are doing. This is normal and there are some very effective ways to add spice to your workouts. Try these simple but effective ideas.

1. Change Your Exercise Routines Regularly
Do not allow yourself to get bored. This is preventative action and it is essential for your health that boredom does not stop you from continuing with exercise. Research and find free ideas online. There are many free podcasts and downloadable routines that you can put on to a personal device that will enable you to vary your at-home routines regularly. This has a double advantage in that it provides challenge to your body and works different muscle groups in different ways regularly.

2. Seek the Help of a Personal Trainer 
If you have never used a Trainer to help you exercise, consider booking a session or a series of sessions with a Trainer to seek help creating new programs. You can follow these programs independent of the Trainer, but this enables you to have expert help in setting yourself a challenge that is safe and will be effective. One size does not fit all when it comes to exercise routines and thought there are plenty of resources available free, for added benefit, the Trainer will provide you with a personalized approach helping you select the best exercise routines for your specific requirements.

3. Change Music and Think about Adding Audio Books
If you are finding it difficult to squeeze time in for your work outs, chances are you are also finding it a challenge to take time to read a book or watch your favorite television show. Audio Books and Pod casts are a great way to “read a novel” whilst you work out or catch up on the latest episode of a television show you missed that is available on podcast.

4. Look Outside the Box for Exercise Options
Gyms, home workouts and exercise DVDs are all great options for working out. However, there are so many ways to work out that combine socialization and fun with serious workouts. Consider dance lessons with a spouse, or join a kickboxing class. If you enjoy swimming, consider a water aerobics class. Remember back to your favorite child hood sport and look for a local sporting group that is looking for team members. This socializing aspect could be just what you need to increase the interest and fun in your workouts.

5. Join a Walking Group or Outdoor Hiking Group
Whether or not walking has been part of your regular exercise routine, consider joining a serious walking group or hiking group. Both of these activities will provide fun, challenge and difficulty to your walking walkouts. Why not join with your spouse and enjoy the workouts together.

6. Buy the Right Gear
This matters for a lot of people as well. When you are planning to start with an exercise program, go shopping. Buy a nice sweatshirt and a pair of gym shorts that you will find comfortable to work out in, and will enjoy to wear as well. Get a very nice pair of shoes, because these will really be necessary. Probably get a watch with a timer or an iPod if you do not have one already. Get a sipper where you can store water or other fluids to keep you hydrated when you are exercising.

These things are good for you; they put you in the groove of exercising. Keep changing these things often too. Do that even if you are working out at home. The whole feeling of getting into your “workout” clothes will mean a lot and it will make your workouts all the more exciting.

7. Go Out in the Mornings
If your workday mostly begins in the midmorning, then probably you are missing out on all the beautiful sights of the early morning.  You don’t get to see how the world transform when night changes into day, when the sun is just rising. All this could be exciting for you. From tomorrow, plan a new routine. Set your alarm clock to wake you up early in the morning, before the sun rises, and head out into the park. You will feel a whole new energy surging within you. You will automatically exercise so much more. If you do this for a week, it will become a habit and you won’t want to break it.

8. Set a Goal
A lot of people work out much better if they have the right motivation. Maybe that is what is lacking with you as well. You may try to set a goal for yourself. It does not need to be a lofty incentive; something small and easily attainable can do. If you have excessive body weight, then maybe you could buy a pair of expensive jeans that is slightly smaller than what you wear right now.

Buy the sexiest pair that you can get, and hang it prominently in your wardrobe. Every day, your motivation will be get into those jeans. You will work out harder just because of that—try this out if you do not believe it, and make sure you buy the most expensive pair of jeans you can find!—and very soon you will find that you are actually able to fit into those jeans!

Here is a tip you should know about. Psychologists speak about the extreme flexibility of our body as well as our mind. These are not rigid. We can tune them into different ways, into ways that we want them to behave. Especially, if we do something repeatedly, they are embossed into our mind and then that thing becomes a habit. We need to realize this tendency of our body and use it to build constructive habits in it all the time.

For example, if you go out for a jog early in the morning for a few days at a stretch, then it will soon become a habit that you will not be able to shake out of. This could become a habit for life, and you can see how constructive that habit could be. Maybe you need to plan your life out that way.

For most exercising habits, 3 weeks is ample time. If you do something repeatedly over a period of 3 weeks—or give it a month if you want to make sure—then you will be able to convert it into a habit, and then you won’t be able to break out of that habit!

For more healthy living tips, check out this post.

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