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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

The Power of Self-Control

Self-Control touches on almost all aspects of happy and healthy living; exercising, eating right, avoiding alcohol and drugs, working harder, studying more and spending less. Self-control or willpower is something that separates humans from our ancient ancestors as well as from the rest of those who belong to the animal kingdom. Instead of responding to our immediate impulses, human beings can evaluate, has the ability to plan and can avoid doing things that they will regret in the future.

There are times that people lose their self-control which makes things more complicated. Obtaining self-control is a crucial ingredient in being successful in any field or facet of life that we engage in. Willpower can actually mean the difference between creating good impressions and creating a really terrible one.  This can also greatly change your life and the lives of others.

Self-control is not all about having control on the things that you want to do; it is also about having enough control of the things that goes into your mind. Everything actually starts within your mind, so if you are able to control your mind, you will also become more successful in achieving self-control.

People must also learn how to choose their thoughts, in the same way they select the clothes to wear every day. Controlling your thoughts is an essential component of a successful self-control endeavour.  It is a great power that you can always cultivate.  If you really want to control the things in your life that are not so good, you have to work on your mind; that is the only thing that you must be trying to control.

Two Principles of Self-Control:

1. Observation
One of the most important ways for you to understand anything within your life is actually to observe. The moment that you begin to observe something is also the moment that you start understanding how it works. People love to observe other individuals, but they rarely pay attention toward observing themselves.  Many people are more likely to think that they just act the way they are doing and there is nothing they can do to change, but they really don’t have time understanding themselves.

Being successful in achieving self-control must begin within us. We need to understand ourselves first.  It’s just the same as a man asking out a woman.  More often than not, a man just can’t understand why a woman would say no.  However, if tables were turned and saw himself through the eyes of the woman, he would actually never date himself. Sometimes, we just really forget or even don’t care to look at ourselves in a mirror and see the things we need to develop on.

We have to observe ourselves so we can better prepare ourselves to interact with others.  Preparing ourselves by observing our beliefs, actions and character will help us to prepare to have such self-control.

2. Listening
Most of the times, people want others to listen to them, but it is also important to remember that they also need to listen to others. With the principle of listening also comes the ability to effectively understand the things around us. If we start listening to what we say and what we think, we would actually understand whether we’re making any sense or not. Willpower is not all about the way you manage the outside world; it’s about the way you manage the inside.  Anything that requires control requires to be understood, and we can’t understand something unless we take time to listen. Whatever goes into our mind can greatly affect our lives today and in the future, so it is really important for us to master controlling our thoughts.

Identify Where Your Life Is Out Of Control
If you live a not-so-joyful life, the first thing that you have to do is to step back and identify where your life is out of control and where you’re out of balance. This is necessary for you to take the right steps and do the best things that can help you build a joyful and satisfying life that you always want.

When it comes to living a life that is “out of control”, mostly, you are the last person who is able to realize it. It’s very easy to be caught up in a circle or a cycle of struggle, negativity, addiction and even depression but it is so hard to move away from it. Most of the time, out of control situations are showing their face with us when we never really have enough time to work on it. Before you be caught up in the middle of this situation and make your life even more miserable, you have to understand and identify which part of your life is out of control.

Where Is It Out Of Control
When things in your life seem to be out of control, you will feel that nothing feels so right, whether it be in your family, friends or in school. It would make you feel so overwhelmed and you won’t even feel sure about how you can pull yourself out of that black hole you found yourself in. Giving a name on what’s bothering you is an essential place for you to start. More certainly, there are various issues you need to deal with. You may consider creating a list of all the things that bother you.

Just the same as anything that you attempt to resolve in your life, it’s essential to understand your state of mind. Of course, you wouldn’t attempt solving a math problem if you’re sad or depressed. Your mind will work best at solving complex problems once you’re in a better state of mind and can think clearly.

Identifying where your life is out of control involves an intricate process so you have to organize your ideas and decide on a single thing that you want to work on first. Never try to solve your entire problems all at once because it could lead to something that you would never want to happen. In your life, you will encounter a lot of problems so you have to cope with it and a great way to do this is not doing it alone.

There are a lot of people around you who can help you solve your problems. Your friends, families and your loved ones can always assist you throughout the process. These people can also help you in discovering the things that might have gone wrong in your life that you didn’t notice.

How Your Thoughts Affect Your Life
Conditions and events don’t actually make a person, they reveal him. Each of your life’s aspect, from your finances to the state of your relationship and health, reveals your beliefs and your thoughts.

Did you know that your thoughts have the power to control some events in your life?  Well, that is right.  Your thoughts are really powerful and they can greatly affect your life in so many ways. What you think can help you create the reality that you experience.  Whether such experience is positive or negative, all of these things are determined by your thoughts.

Your thoughts are greatly powerful and these are the main keys to making your own reality.  Everything that you perceive in this physical world always has its own origin within the invisible and inner world of your beliefs and thoughts. If you want to change your reality, you have to change your thoughts.  For you to become master of your own destiny, it is important for you to master the art of controlling that nature of your own dominant – your thoughts. As you come to realize that your thoughts are creating your own reality and begin to control your thoughts, you will be able to greatly attract in your life the things which you intent to experience and achieve.

For Each Outside Effects comes an Inner Cause
Each effect that you see in your physical or outside world has a particular cause which also has its own origin in your mental or inner world. It’s actually the great essence of the power of thought. In other words, the circumstances and conditions of your life today are results of your collective beliefs and thoughts.

Many people believe that they think or feel the way they do because of some events or circumstances happening to them; but it is actually the otherwise. The truth is your thoughts are creating certain circumstances and situations whether they are unwanted or wanted.  Through applying and internalizing the truth that your thoughts have the power to make reality, you will give yourself the power to make changes on the things you want to be manifested in your life.

The Power of your thought is actually limitless, since you can also think anything you want.  Your thoughts have the power to make your emotional state. They can even affect your health and they can influence what you say and to people. Thoughts can then be transformed into your feelings, which will then turn into actions and finally to results. As being said, thoughts are really powerful, so if you don’t pay attention to the things within your mind, you might not want what you’ll get.

To Think Positive
Optimism is an important human trait that enables us to improve our current situation, transform our ideas and to hope for an even better tomorrow.  The way we think about life and every event that is happening to us can greatly affect our lives today and in the future.

 What is Positive Thinking?
Positive thinking is actually a mental attitude that enables you to see the brighter side of many things.  Adopting this kind of mental attitude allows you to teach your mind to anticipate success, expect growth and look forward to favourable outcomes.

Knowing that our thoughts are really powerful and has the ability to dictate what will happen to us, we must learn to think positively. Positive thinking attracts positive events and situations so rather than thinking negatively, why don’t we put positive and great things within our minds.

Thinking positively is like living happily.  Positive thinking is greatly powerful and as part of this new-age movement to self-improvement and personal development, positivity or optimism has always been touted as an effective solution to obtaining total health.

What can Positive Thinking Give you?  Various researchers who are studying in positive psychology field have actually investigated various advantages of positive thinking, and they have found out that thinking happy and positive thoughts is indeed a good habit. Individuals who see a glass half full are actually more likely to enjoy significant improvements in the lives such as emotional, relationships, mental and physical health as well as career success.

When we learn to think positively, we are not only attracting good events or situations to happen in our lives but we also allow ourselves to experience great and pleasant feelings. Learning positive thinking is also like learning to become happier and to drawing positive things towards you. Thinking positively can also greatly affect our overall health in a good way.

It is true that no one can always avoid negative feelings or thoughts in life and it is not also realistic to believe that you should or can. However, the happiest people in some way know the ways to buffer them through keeping those inevitable circumstances in life from ruining those good things in life. Positive thinking brings hope and can greatly improve our quality of life.

Using Affirmations
Our mind is really our powerful tool; this can always be used to uplift and empower us, but this can also be used against us.  Whether we choose our mind as a tool for empowerment or destruction, the choice is only ours and our alone.  A lot of people believe that for them to become successful, they need to have something over others, but the truth in this matter is actually very simple.  Once we learn how to use affirmations efficiently, we won’t only change our emotional state but also the world we live in.

Words of affirmations or verbal compliments are really powerful love communicators.  These words can create huge impacts not only in your life but also into the lives of others. You can always change your life by using the right words and speaking right things towards yourself and to others. Using affirmations is a greatly powerful key towards happy and successful life.

With the use of affirmations, you are also helping yourself to fulfill your dreams and goals in life. Affirmations can actually have transformative effects on both your goals and life, and in order for you to obtain its positive effects, you have to use them correctly.  With proper usage of affirmations, you can find yourself constantly going in circles, not getting to the right direction that you want.

What are Affirmations?
Affirmations are actually defined as positive statements, judgments or declarations. Once you state affirmations, you’re declaring something as true. These statements can work best once they are phrased with those positive words instead of negative and are used on regular or consistent basis.

Many people have some misconceptions about the whole concept. These statements are really intended to be essential “cure-all”; but they are only one piece of a whole puzzle with regards to personal improvement. However, you have to understand that these statements are highly crucial pieces of a puzzle.

If you want to improve yourself, there are some changes that you have to make in your life. If it seems that your life is not changing in the way that you want it to be, there might be something wrong in the way you perceive or think about life. In these situations, changes in your thinking patterns need to be done. The repetitive use of affirmations can greatly help you in breaking your negative thinking habits. Once you start using affirmations constantly, your moods, actions and thoughts will also start to change. With the use of affirmations, you can target your actions and feelings, so you can obtain the outcomes that you want.

Get Rid Of Bad Habits
Human thoughts give birth to human actions and your repeated actions can develop your habits. Your habits can always transform your character and your character will lead you to your own destiny. Habits are really tough and bad habits are very hard to get rid of because these have been some of the most essential aspects that shape one’s life.

When it comes to habits in general, there are four most influential aspects that serve as the baseline of one’s process of habits development which include social circle, interests, education and vision and the way a person has been brought up.

All such factors are greatly influencing people with various weights at the different phases of their lives. However, it is important to note that your entire habits are actually more or less linked back with just one or even more of the said factors. For you to learn to improve new good habits, develop your existing habits that are also good and get rid of your bad habits, there are some important things to take note of:

Developing Existing Habits
Feedback and encouragement from others is an essential part of strengthening your existing good habit. Ask for feedbacks from your friends, family or those who are close to you.  More often than not, you will need self-encouragements in order to keep the level of your spirit. So if you excel at something, it’s important for you to tell it quite often to yourself to give you inner confidence to be able to effectively strengthen your habit.

Shun your Bad Habits
If you’ve had some bad habits like being so reactive, short tempered, a smoker or being extravagant, then begin with the process of mind purification. Once your mind is free from any impurities, this will start working some rewarding things. Stay away from individuals that pollute your mind.

For instance if you have a bad habit of back biting, you have to work on your own surroundings like your friends and negative acquaintances that can trigger your bad habit. If you have a clean company, you can now concentrate on the way you can develop your personality. Focus, motivation and commitment are the main keys in shunning your bad habits.

Improve New Habits
Focus more on the four essential aspects for your new habit development. You may study and think of good new habits that you can develop to improve your life. Personal encouragement is greatly important during this process. Changing your bad habits can improve your own personal life.

The Benefits Of Command And Control
In this world, the only thing that you have a complete control over anything is your own mind. You can control the thoughts within your mind and your thoughts are one of the most powerful and strongest tool that you possess. Thoughts are the building blocks and foundation of everything that is around you.

Having the ability to command and control your thoughts is an important gift. If you are able to control your thoughts, you also have the power to change the world around you and your own life. Not only it’s a responsibility or a privilege, you can also receive a lot of benefits by working to command and control the thoughts in your mind.

What You Need:

Good Health
The most important benefits that you can reap as you begin to control your mind is a good and sound health.  Your overall health is related to your own thoughts and if you continue to tell yourself that you will feel great every day, your body has its way of lining with such thought. You will have more energy and you will also become a happier individual.

Peace of Mind
Once you start practising to have control over your thoughts, you will discover a level peace that will come within your mind. Since you have decided about the thoughts that will and will not think of, optimism can always be your mainstay. Your mind will not be occupied with indecision, anger, greed, discouragement, frustration, fear, doubt and jealousy.

Positive Mental Attitude
Having the ability to control your thoughts is a gift that you can get of having a mental attitude that is positive. Together with having a positive feeling about yourself, you can also attract other people due to your positivity. Your life will become happier, light and you will not worry much no matter how difficult life might seem. There’s an attractiveness and energy that will radiate from you.

Also, having the ability to command and control provides you clarity. If you are able to control your thoughts, you can also think positively. You can focus more clearly on the things that you want and would like to attain in life. There are also a lot of healthy choices you can always make once your mind is clear.

Your physical world is commanded by your own thoughts occupying your mind. Remember that your world is actually a mirror of the things that you consistently ponder.  By just observing you and seeing your world, people could also see the pictures you constantly hold within your mind.

If you have the ability to command and control, you will also have the ability to change your life. Commanding and controlling your thoughts can help you reap great benefits that you want to possess in your life. You can always choose to focus your mind on either negative or positive thoughts; just be sure that your plane will land at the place of your most dominant thoughts to obtain these wonderful benefits.

Staying Motivated
Would you wish that you have a super mind power that will enable you to transform your miserable life into a life that is filled with happiness, abundance and bliss? You might want to fall in love, to lose weight or get rich. Actually, you have such power. The only key is to be able to stay motivated into commanding and controlling your life.

Your thoughts are highly powerful that they can even have control over your life and the situations that may happen to you. If you stay motivated to command and control your mind, you will also obtain great benefits in your life.

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