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Friday, 6 March 2015


Anger is an emotion that usually brings out the worst in everyone and is usually displayed in regrettable ways. However most people constantly give in to the displays of anger, instead of taking the trouble to find and address the source of the anger, in the quest to redefine this very negative emotion.

Anger can sometimes be treated as simply as any other illness, where several methods are used until one is seen to have some positive effect on the illness.  Once found, this method is applied and the illness is concurred. This simple philosophy can be applied to finding the source of the anger issue too. Identifying exactly what is making the anger feeling surface and then working to fix it should be the agenda of the individual intending to tackle his or her anger issues clearly and completely.

For the more active role to take when tackling the anger issue, the individual would perhaps look into specific areas that usually ignite the anger.  Then taking it a step further, the individual would then try to resolve the issues that contribute to the circumstances, which ignites the anger at its source. Making sense of this is very important and sometime outside help is necessary in helping the individual sort through the complexities of the issue in order to reach the core element that ignites the anger.

Other sources of anger can be detected when there are conflicts, which also surface in many different scenarios, such as the conflict of emotions, the conflict being caused by another party that requires the participation of the individual, conflict of resolution and many more kinds.

All these would require the patience of the individual in taking the trouble to sort through and resolve as many connecting issues as possible, thereby creating less likelihood of the individual having anger issues over these areas.

Learning how to get rid of anger attacks is also something that most individuals seek to master, as by implementing these techniques, it is hoped that some control can be extended in any given situation. Besides the obvious impacts the depression can have on the individual in terms of sudden eruptions of anger, there is also the issue of the individual’s health. With all these negative emotions felt, the chemical imbalance in the body will also affect the general workings of the mind, thus further contribute to the “short fuse” effect.

Organizing And Simplifying Your Life
People, who are highly stung, usually are more susceptible to anger outbursts and this is mainly caused by the inability to have some control over their lives.  This control can come in the form of being more organized and disciplined which most of these individuals fail to practise.  Therefore in the effort to have a more controllable and smooth flowing life, the individual should start with addressing the smaller and simpler issues.

The following are some tips and areas to consider in the quest to instill some element of organizing and simplifying into one’s life:

Learning how to look for simpler ways to tackle a particular commitment or exercise is something worth considering. This is because the simpler the process, the easier it is for the individual to execute and thus keep emotions such as frustrations and anxiety at bay.  These emotions are usually the trigger for the anger outbursts, which often contributes to unpleasantness and irrevocable exchanges.

Organizing the schedules of the individual and those connected to the individual should also be an exercise that the individual is committed to designing. This will help the individual put everything into perspective and prioritize only when necessary. Therefore everything would become clearer and the individual would not have to stress about getting everything done at once. This also helps the individual to turn down tasks that would prove to be too much or too time consuming. Taking on these tasks without careful consideration, might have the negative effects of anger, as the individual finds that he or she is no longer able to cope with the commitment. Clutter also contributes to the individual experiencing frustration and anger, as the inability to organize and simplify are evident. Having to cope with unnecessary clutter would cause the individual to become anxious and short fused, thus exhibiting anger tendencies frequently.

Calm Your Anger With Meditation
Anger is often an emotion that is very volatile and unpredictable, thus learning to curb it effectively would be a wise effort to master. Any outbursts of anger does not portray a person in good light, therefore learning to control anger outbursts will definitely be beneficial to the persons character portrayal. The following are some reasons meditation techniques could be used to calm the anger element:

Calm It
Meditation helps the individual to get in touch with the inner self. It helps the individual recognize the anger emotion as destructive at the very primal level and address it accordingly.  This recognition and acknowledgement allow the feelings of awareness and acceptance to be explored and for its necessity to be judged. Although meditation is not a cure all formula, it has been able to help most individuals understand and control the anger emotion adequately.

Breathing exercises is part of the meditation experience and such breathing techniques will help the calm the body and create the necessary re-balancing of the chemicals within the body system that was disturbed with the heightened feelings of anger.  The body will feel more relaxed and eventually the individual will feel the anger seeping away until it is no longer the focus of the mind.

Meditation also helps the individual to refocus the mind on better and more pleasant elements and thoughts, thus effectively giving less attention to the anger.  This causes the anger to subside as there are no thoughts or actions fueling the anger anymore.  This meditative focus not only helps the individual keep the mind off the anger but also helps the individual replace it with calmer, gentler and more pleasant content, and this allows the individual to return with a refreshed and clear mind, that is now able to cope with the situation better.

Letting Go Of Blame
Being burdened with negative emotions can be very exhausting and this exhaustion can eventually affect the health of the individual causing further harm to the mind also. Therefore in addressing all areas of problems the individual should learn the art of letting go and moving on for betterment of both body and mind. The following are some reasons and ways the individual can go about learning to let go of blame and moving on in life:

Let Go
Perhaps the most important exercise to explore is in understanding the situation that leads up to the blame factor being present. When this has been correctly identified and accepted as the legitimate cause of the blame, then only can the process of letting go begin. Making mental and physical choices to let go is the first step to seek in this exercise.

Learning to master the art of totaling letting go, would require the strengths and skills of the individual to “teach “ the mind to refocus and concentrate on positive elements such as acceptance, amnesty, absolution and any other positive mindset that force the individual to look at the situation with a renewed and fresh thought process.

Choosing to consciously release all resentment and focus instead on the exercise of looking for the positive points in the situation would also be something worth cultivating in the quest to avoid the blame game. There are no positive results that can be seen through keeping resentment and in fact it has been proven that the element of resentment within the human body eventually leads to medical problems too.

Instead of looking to blame someone, a more productive exercise would be to look for solutions to the problem. This will engage the mind and body actively and thus eventually cause the individual to forget to blame anyone and anything for the circumstances.

Communicate Clearly To Avoid Conflict
Often times there are misunderstanding cause by the lack of communication or ineffective communication. Therefore practicing and developing the skill of communicating clearly and precisely will help all parties avoid any conflict. The following are some reasons as to why communicating clearly is very important and how to do so effectively:

The most glaring reason why people fail to communicate properly is due to their inability to first listen carefully to what is going on.  Without listening, there is very little the individual can contribute, that would have substance, solutions and workable scenarios that would help others on the receiving end.

Using the correct and corresponding expressive skill, is also something that should be learnt, if the communication exercise is going to be done in a clear and point form manner. This clarity will help others understand the fundamentals of what is being communicated, especially if there is a lot of related information being mentioned.

Choosing to use decorative language skill is only advised if the listening audience is capable of understanding such usage. Most people do not appreciate the use of words and jargon that they are unable to understand but will usually keep silent and thus not really do as expected, further causing the work or project to stall.

Therefore keeping to the language style that can be clearly understood would be a better way to ensure what is being communicated is thoroughly understood. Other positive elements that should be included in the effective communication skills would be such as honesty, respectfulness and supportiveness. All these positive elements will help the other parties involved to be totally committed to the tack as they are well aware of the positiveness extended. It would also ensure the working environment would be pleasant and conducive.

Maintain A Positive Mindset
Keeping a positive mindset is something that will help the individual through trying situations. These situations usually require the individual to be extra cautious and mentally and physically energized, and sometimes this can only be achieved through the positive mindset practice.

The following are some ways that can be adopted to ensure the positive mindset is clearly evident and can be called upon at any given time:

Be Positive
Reading positive and inspiring material is one way of helping to fill the mind with positive thoughts, thus effectively creating a reservoir of positive style information to be stored for later use. When a person is filled with positive thoughts, it is only natural for the person to naturally react in a positive manner to anything and everything that comes their way. This is an advantage of constantly feeding one’s mind with positive input.

Striving to have a healthy body and mind will also allow the individual to create a positive mindset. When the body and mind are well taken care of, the out in the form of reactions and words will also be positive, due to the energy levels that are positively ideal. The chemical balance within the various body systems will allow the individual to have a positive outlook on life, thereby helping the individual to be constantly naturally positive.

Good planning also encourages the mind to be relaxed and capable of handling everything with a positive mindset. Often people tend to overlook this very beneficial trait, thus creating unnecessary chaos in their everyday life. When there is chaos, it would be rather hard to maintain a positive mindset always. Suitable schedules and routines will better benefit and ensure calmer days, with positive mindsets, which will eventually spill over to more productive and creative results.

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