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Monday, 2 March 2015


Do you want to raise your kids to become geniuses?  By preparing them for early education, you are giving them a chance to have a better life. In 80% of people who have higher IQ's, those people will graduate high school and move on to college. This will allow them to make more in their lifetime and have a better life.

You'll want to prepare them for kindergarten before they go so that way everything is just review to them. They will stay ahead of the class and be able to learn new material, giving them a higher advantage compared to the other kids.

Most moms and dads don't have a lot of time to educate their children and create the core skills that are needed in the real world. Even if you don't have time, there are ways of getting around this.  For example, you can pick up a few fun learning materials that they will play with on their own.

With our technology today, they are perfectly capable of learning on their own.  Also, by doing small things such as reading for them, you will prepare them for a brighter future. Why not go over the words with them or point to unfamiliar objects and have them sound it out. You'd be surprised with what they can learn.

It is important that you stay calm with them while teaching. This experience should be fun for them so don't let it seem like work. If they don't understand something, you can move onto the next subject. Toddlers or kids will easily become bored with the same subject.

Some parents will raise their tone when teaching a child and we suggest that you don't do this.  You should never become frustrated if they cannot learn something. Instead, taking your time and going a different route is better.

Toddlers and kids are extremely sensitive and this is why you should always have patience with them.  Once your child goes to their first day of kindergarten, you won't have to worry about them falling behind. They will be ready to conquer the world and the teacher will be impressed with what they can do.

By making educational choices for your children, you can leave a good impression as a parent. Generally, kids who are educationally inclined will have an easier time socializing and communicating with other kids. This means that they'll be able to make a few good friends and won't be lonely in their class. For most parents, this is very important. Life is all about communicating with others.

The basics of raising kids
Raising children is not just all about fun and play. You must teach them manners, discipline and respect as well. Most kids don't want to learn these things but in order to be a good parent, you should teach them everything they need to know about life.

Remember that you should always begin when the child is young. We recommend starting lessons for them when they are a toddler.  Obviously, you aren't going to jump ahead 4 grades and start teaching them advanced math. Their brain is still developing and they are still learning speech plus basic movement skills. With this in mind, you'll need to raise your kids by giving them simple activities that have to do with colors, hand-eye coordination, and memorization. These are the most basic skills a child will need in life. By dealing with these skills first, they'll be confident to learn a lot more.

Behind The Scenes
If your children seem rebellious or against the thought of learning about certain subjects, you'll need to motivate them. What is it that your child enjoys? Do they have a certain activity or something it is that they want? If so, you should act on whatever that is. For example, if they love eating cookies and you rarely give them cookies, it is a good idea to reward them. You can reward them for completing tasks just by giving them cookies. They will look forward to their next task because they know if they complete it - they will get another cookie. This way it is like a fun game to them.

When it comes to raising kids, you should always organize everything accordingly. Wake them up at the same time for their breakfast and start their toddler lessons at noon. The reason why we do this is so that they can get used to their schedule. If you jumble everything up, they may not be in the mood to learn. Believe it or not, some toddlers develop a feel for "time". If they normally eat and study after - they will be prepared for this.

Also, this will allow you to relax and stop worrying about if they will take part in your lessons or not. They won't say no since they already know the time has come to learn. Eventually, they will accept it as an everyday part of life. This is exactly what we want them to think and the technique works extremely well with kids.

The characteristics of a genius
A genius is someone who is smart, logical, observes what's going on around them, and a problem solver. If you want them to become a genius, it will take hard work.

However, this doesn't mean you need to take two hours out of your day to teach your children. A brief lesson is fine and would be better for the child. You don't want to drag the lesson on for so long that they eventually don't want to participate anymore. A lesson should last for 10-30 minutes only, depending on how young they are. If you want your kid to become a genius, you'll need to pay attention to their progress. Here are a few characteristics of a genius below:

Someone who is a genius is logically and can put two things together, coming to a conclusion. Let's say you have learning cards for your child. There are four learning cards and they must find out which object doesn't belong. On the cards, there are three different types of birds and one car on one of the cards. Obviously, a kid who thinks in a logical manner will choose the car because it looks nothing like the birds.

If your child is observing, you will notice that they tend to respond to sounds and visuals around them. See how many times you have to call your child before they come to you. If it takes them five minutes before they come to you, it is a good idea to work on this. Give them reward when they come. This will help with the situation. Look closely to see if your child responds to sounds or visuals more. If they seem to gravitate to visuals more often, this is an indication that they are a visual learner. Quite often, visual learners become artists later on in live but there are other professions as well.

A child who is smart will begin to talk at an early age and even give objects the proper nouns. If you have a younger toddler who is still grasping the name of certain items - you may want to help them out. Point to each item and tell them what it is. Only do this with three items at a time so this way it sticks in their brain. Learning too much too soon can make the child become confused and they'll even get their words confused. This could have a reverse effect on their learning activities so make sure you do this. Children that are able to retain certain information are naturally smart and by taking advantage of this, they could go a long way. Make sure you work with their strengths and also help them with things they are having trouble with. They will thank you later in life for being such a great parent.

How to transform your kids to become geniuses
In order to transform your kids to become geniuses, you will need to come up with a plan of action. Write down what materials you need that you would like to teach them.

It is important to see if they are a visual or hands-on learner first. This way you can give them an upper hand in learning. You want the process to be easy for them; otherwise they may not be as excited about learning. This creates a negative effect and won't allow them to move on in their education. Play games with your children.

Games are a great way to start out. If your child is very young, why not start a ball game? Tape two symbols on the ball. You can tape a butterfly and a dog on the ball. Ask them to pass you the ball that has the dog. Do this a few times so this way they will be able to learn identification skills as well as their nouns.

Also, it is a good idea to visit a store in your area and find some toys for learning. Make sure the toys are safe and are age appropriate. If you have a two year old, you certainly don't need to be teaching them things that a 6 year old would know.

You can go a year or two ahead but no more than that. There are many games to come up with or purchase. They have mini computer games, word games, symbol games, geometrical games and so on. Feel free to give them a choice of which game they want. If your child is really young, you'll need to choose for them.

The soft skills required for good parenting
Good parenting begins with gentle discipline, patience, understanding, comforting and love. If you give your child everything they need, in a balanced fashion - they will look back on their past and won't have any negative feelings. Many children are missing out on a few things while growing up.

Either the parent is too soft to show them what the rules are, or they simply can't show their love. For example - a father always brings his son to baseball practice but he never tells him he does a good job. Instead, he constantly yells at him and tells him he could have done better. His son grows up, deprived of love and understanding.

This is because he was so young that he did not understand his father's reasoning. Men will often show their love in a different way and some kids do not understand this which transforms into anger or sadness once they look on their past.

Soft Skills
What about a mother who always gives her child love? She is extremely soft-hearted and will practically give anything her daughter wants. What she is doing is making life easy for her but in reality, this will not work. You need to work hard in order to get things. There is a difference when it comes to balancing everything out. If your daughter is not learning discipline, you are setting her up for failure in life. She will continue not to follow rules and later will rebel in social situations or the work place. Instead, it is a good idea to make a balance between everything.

With balance, you are considering all of the soft skills for good parenting. If you don't balance everything out, your son or daughter will focus on a single goal in life. They won't be good with other things. For example - what if your child only plays basketball and neglects their school work? This can be extremely devastating if one day your child breaks their leg during a game.

There is a good chance that they won't be able to play again. Make sure that they are good at many different things. By doing this, you are giving them lots of options in their life. When they are older, they can become a graphic artist or even an architect planner. There are so many different things available and you need to work with what they are good at, while still strengthen the skills they need help with. Many parents don't realize they are making this mistake by doing this early, your child will blossom in life.

Comforting and understanding come hand in hand for most parents. If your son is having a hard time making friends in his second grade class, you'll instinctively want to comfort him. Every parent should do this. If you don't give your children comforting, they will become lonely and even upset. A sense of hopelessness will come over them and they'll wish you paid more attention. Even if you have never gone through the same situation they are in, it is still a good idea to comfort them.

Let your children know that everything is going to be okay and no matter what, you will always be there for them. They will look up to you and come running when they are faced with a troublesome situation. Infants should be treated with the same soft skills as we mentioned here. If your baby is still learning how to walk or hasn't yet begun to crawl, you need to show them love whenever possible. The human mind is very strong and some kids can even remember things from back to when they were five months old - even if it was just a blurry memory.

The hard skills for parenting
Hard skills for parenting are very important for your child, especially in their younger years. Hard skills include being strict, tough love, and self-soothing. No parent wants to feel like the bad guy in the relationship and this is why we tend to be less strict these days. It certainly isn't like the way it was 60 years ago, when children were often hit and scolded for doing small things that we consider "innocent" today. However, you will need to work on a few hard skills for parenting if you want your child to become strong.

If you don't want to be the one who seems like the bad guy - why not share the hard skills between your spouse?  A lot of the time, when the father is too lenient and the mother is too strict - the child will come running to the father. Since the mother says no, the father may argue with her and this will cause problems in the relationship. Also, this shows the child that whatever they do is okay.

They become confused since one parent allows them to do something while the other does not. Speak with your significant other and make the decisions together in order to avoid any confusion.

Hard Skills
Do not be an enabler and allow them to do whatever they want. If you have a nine month old baby and they often cry to get what they want, you might come running to soothe them. Eventually they will need to learn to talk instead of focusing on crying. This is why we invented something called "self-soothing". Instead of always comforting your child, you'll need to let them have some time on their own.

If you've tried everything and they've been crying for hours, you need to put them down in their crib. Before you do this, make sure there is nothing going on with them medically. Once you set them down, close the door and let them cry. It might be heart wrenching for you to hear them cry but soon they will need to know that crying will not always receive a response. You will start to see them crying less and while you give them speech lessons, they will begin to rely on this for communication.

In another situation, you have your three year old who is constantly running around the house and always says "no" to you. This is a normal stage in life and many kids go through this. They think that by saying "no", they will not have to do things like eating vegetables, taking their bath, etc.

You'll need to show them tough love at this point. This means if they push their food away and don't want to eat, just let it be. If they see someone in the family eating cookies and want some, tell them calmly that they will need to eat the rest of their dinner first.

By not making a big deal out of it, your child won't feel as if they are pressured into doing things they don't want to. Put out the dinner you saved in front of them. If they eat it, go ahead and reward them with a cookie. This is a great way of being firm and still being able to give them what they want. Eventually they will get the pattern.

The benefits of good parenting
Good parenting can help your child grow into a confident, happy, and smart individual who knows what they want in life. Even the little things you teach them can make a strong impact. You may just want to keep your child all to yourself and never let them grow up, but they'll soon need to make their own life. Letting your son or daughter go can be a tearful moment for many parents but you need to realize that all the things you have taught them in life will just make the process smoother for them.

If you have taken your time to get them ahead of all the other kids in school, there is a good chance they will excel to college at an early age. Once they complete college, they will be able to start looking for work and have a fulfilling life. Here are some benefits of good parenting:

By communicating daily with your child and praising them on the good things they do, you are building their confidence. Parents who tend to scream at their child for everything that they do wrong will lower their self-esteem, causing an opposite effect. Stay calm even when they are at their worst moments.

If your child happens to draw on the wall, look at them with a nod of disapproval and say "No". Explain to them that this is not right. Tell them that you won't be giving them dessert because they did this.  What this does is create the same response to what they did, without harsh scolding. They will be a mentally healthy and confident person.

Did you know that happiness is strongly linked with laughter? Doing little things like tickling your child, giving them playful kisses, or even watching cartoons with them will create a happy environment. They will tend to focus on positive results instead of the negative things in life, making them happy. Try to make your child laugh a few times a day, even if they are acting up. If you are too stressed or just not in the mood, do something that will cheer both of you up.

In order to surround your child in a peaceful setting, you need to create harmony. You can do this just by lowering your tone and staying calm with them at all times. If there is someone who constantly yells in the house and has a lot of anger, you need to take them away from this environment. An environment that is peaceful will allow your child to be happy and they won't be afraid to be themselves. If you think that your child is being abused by someone - get to the bottom of it right away! It can easily scar them in the future and cause anxiety.

You may have to file an investigative report but think of it this way - your child is worth it. They are the one you will be with for the next 18 years of your life. After this, they'll most likely move on and start a life on their own. Don't worry though - they'll still need you and look at your as their dear mother or father.

Your job is only to give them the best in life and teach them right from wrong. By doing this, you will allow them to grow and they'll be much happier in their life. There is nothing better than seeing a bubbly child in your life who runs around with a smile on their face.

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